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Technologies used:

  • React
  • TailwindCSS
  • Javascript
  • Typescript
  • PostgreSQL
  • Node.js
  • Blitz.js
  • Prisma
  • Stripe

Project Description

ChangeLog was my first project with 10X Ventures, it is also my first project built entirely remotely. The idea behind ChangeLog is to develop a building-in-public community, a space where startups can talk about their products, growth, setbacks, and all that comes with building a product or running a business and connect with potential clients, users, investors, and the like.

I worked remotely with a team of full-stack developers based in the United States while building this product. We mainly used a framework called Blitz.js in developing our products at 10X Ventures, a full-stack React and Node.js framework built on Next.js and Express.js. TailwindCSS and SCSS were used for styling, and PostgreSQL was used as the database technology.

ChangeLog was my first SaaS application built with React and Node.js and I learned a lot from it.

Project Images