My Apps

Project Name JS Documentation
1. Search Github Users

• Create a const for the Github Api
• Create a seletector for the form, search area and inner html
• Add a submit event listener to the search area for the entered USERNAME
• Create an async function concatenate the Github URL to the Username
• Catch the error, all error actually regardless of status.
• Create two functions, one for the inner HTML for all 200 status request and the other function for errors to display a “user profile does not exists”
Note: this app does not contain an auth-key and is limited to 60 sessions per hour.

2. Top 20 Movies

• This app will pull out the top 20 rated movies.
• Create a const to grab the APIs to grab the URL, image/movie poster and the search function.
• Create an async and await fuction to fetch json data from the api.
• Create a forEach function to pick out the title, poster_path, vote_average, overview of the movies.
Note: I can’t figure out the search function.

3. Tip Calculator

• Create a selector for the bill, number of people, rating, and calculate areas.
• Add an a click event to the calculate const.
• Write the logic for the tip = bill amount * percentage rating.
• Write the logic for the tip for each person = tip / number of people.
• Wrap the results in an innerHTML that is triggered by the calculate button.