I spent the past week watching lots of videos about swallowing the "red pill."

Don't show too much attention to a lady. Don't mention that you love love. Don't type long message replies. Act uninterested. Act busy.

It made a lot of sense and from experience, I know that most of it would actually work. However, it meant that I had to change who I am just because I want to gain certain leverage over the other sex.

Swallowing the red pill means that I have to live a life where I am in direct conflict with WHO I AM. To hell with this red pill thing. Why do I have to change who I am just to prove to a lady I am a "hard guy?"

You'll need to tone-down this red pill and feminism madness. A man and a woman are not in a superiority battle. I am who I am, I don't need your red pills. I have just one life, I am not going to live it in bitterness. If it works out with a female, that's great. If it doesn't, I move on. I am perfectly in control of my emotions.

I hope males and females will see each other as equals and less as competitors. Whoever started this feminism and red pill thing must be living a bitter life. We have all had that one girl we never liked that liked us madly. Most of us have all experienced the redpill thing even before they started branding it. If being a 'red-piller' is part of your genetic make-up, then it's all fine and good. But don't change who you are just because of the opposite sex.